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A Motorcycle Made from 90% Plastic



Joseph Nelson / Industrial Designer

Andy Ma / Industrial Designer

  My Role

  • Concept sketches and set design directions.

  • 3d modeling and rendering.

  • Assisting manager on communication with BASF Shanghai office.

Design Duration

7 Months

Project Background


The client (a major plastics chemical manufacturer) aimed to increase their presence in the 2 wheeler market (motorcycles). A partnership with our team was established to develop a marketing proposition to display specific capabilities of their materials through a unique design of a 125cc motorcycle concept.



- Boost the client's B2B relations in the motorcycle industry

- Utilize unique material solutions never before seen on a motorcycle

Possibilities for Plastic Parts

First of all, the team identified all areas on the motorcycle where the replacement of plastic parts is possible.

The Approach

Two concept directions were followed in the research and ideation stages. 

Practicalfocused on a type of user who rides a motorcycle for the pure functionality of the machine. Commuting mainly to work and back. He is a family man with a need for durability and reliability.


Leisure: focused on a rider who is passionate about his bike. He uses the motorcycle for commuting as well as for thrill and enjoyment. For him, the motorcycle is about the experience of the ride


Ideation was carried out simultaneously on both concepts over 6 weeks. The team worked together to define distinct directions for both the leisure and practical concepts.

Direction1: Leisure (aka Dilu)

Sketch exploration & development.

Direction2: Practical (aka Mitan)

Sketch exploration & development.

Chosen Concept for Development - Mitan

Mitan won the hearts of the client due to its high appeal to a wider market and for the fact that more body panels could showcase more material solutions.

Design Development of Mitan

Polyamide and composites frame design is finalized



An innovative sales tool and has allowed our client to reach out to motorcycle OEMs across Asia and communicate their expertise in material solutions better than ever before. 

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basf render.1.jpg
basf render.72.jpg
basf render.68.jpg
basf render.7.jpg

Material Innovations

Rims - Polyamide (Nylon)

Seat - Polyurethane spray skin on foam

Frame - 4 parts - Polyamide + Composites (FRP + CRFT)  + Metal injection molding  

Swingarm - Polyamide (Nylon)

Tank - Polyamide (Nylon)

Head - Bezel + Lens integration

Engine Covers - Thermoplastic polyester

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