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Bosch M500 Motor Cover

A New Physical Identity for Bosch



Andrew Wong/ Design Lead

Andy Ma / Industrial Designer

My Role

  • Concept sketches and set design directions.

  • 3d modeling and rendering.

  • Assisting design lead on communication with Bosch Shanghai office.

Design Duration

4 Months

Project Goals

The goal for this project is to create a new physical identity for Bosch electric motors with the first design efforts focused on the 500W model. Bosch has defined 3 key values that it would like the product to communicate. In addition, I believe there is another key value (Authenticity) to consider for a Bosch product. To understand the key values I must understand what they mean in the context of Bosch. In addition to my design explorations, I also took time to understand the following... 

ARK_Bosch-ED_500W-Concepts_121223 (dragg


Who is Bosch

When considering the design approach, I recognize that the electric generator has a long history with Bosch and is a core to its business success. Today Bosch is known for many different products across many different categories but when most people think Bosch they think of Bosch Power Tools, especially in China. 


What Does Bosch Stand For? 

Bosch today is not just a reflection of the values as defined by Robert Bosch but also reflects Germany itself. If anything, Bosch is one of the reasons people believe that the best designed and engineered products come from Germany. I aim to embody those same values in the designs presented. In China, they may not know the history of Bosch but they know it’s German. 

ARK_Bosch-ED_500W-Concepts_121223 (dragg

   INNOVATION                                     QUALITY                                      RELIABILITY                                     EFFICIENCY



Across the Bosch range of products, there are many different design languages, influenced by all the different unique needs of the product functions and categories themselves. But underlining all of that is a focus on authenticity. Even the beauty of the parts you don’t see comes from Bosch’s continual drive for engineering excellence. Through my explorations and research, I defined a number of guiding principles and inspirations I believe I had to follow to create an electric motor cover design that is Bosch. 

ARK_Bosch-ED_500W-Concepts_121223 (dragg

Bosch Silver 


Leverage Bosch silver and its connection with power tools and own this color in the electric drive market. 

ARK_Bosch-ED_500W-Concepts_121223 (dragg
ARK_Bosch-ED_500W-Concepts_121223 (dragg
ARK_Bosch-ED_500W-Concepts_121223 (dragg

Function First 


I do not try to hide the cool fins as something else, I let them be seen as cooling fins. 

Electric Drive 


I am designing an electric motor and believe that my goal is to make it look like a Bosch electric motor. 

Form Follows 

I design for time and not for trend and aim to avoid any need for decoration, or kitsch. 



Know Needs and Constraints

Cooling | 83086mm2 + 77763mm2 (Brake side) 

Leverage Bosch silver and its connection with power tools and own this color in the electric drive market. 

Attachment Points 

I must keep to the same attachment points and sealing boundary. 

Bosch Branding

Application of Bosch branding, logo, and color palette. 

Toughness | Strength | Robustness | Authenticity 

What I want to communicate. 


Material volume has the greatest influence on cost. 

* The Technical drawing of the old version provided by Bosch Shanghai


Design Proposals


* Overview render containing 3 versions

ARK_Bosch-ED_500W-Concepts_121223 (dragg

Sandblasted-like surface finish.  

Grey fasteners. 

Bosch aluminum silver color. 


Surface Area A* | 86907mm2 + Surface Area B* | 79480mm2 

Brand and Logo are embossed. 

Logo - Machined face Bosch - Painted. 


Due to space restrictions, only the logo is used. 

Black Plastic Seal 

ARK_Bosch-ED_500W-Concepts_121223 (dragg

Concept 1

Bosch Power 

The visual connection between the electric coil area and the drive shaft creates waves as it drives forward. 

Defecting Away 

The brand and logo element represents the solid mass that is driving forward through all oncoming barriers. This visual action aims to embody the need for strength, toughness, and robustness. 

ARK_Bosch-ED_500W-Concepts_121223 (dragg

Concept 2

Electric Coil 

Creating a fusion between the coil ring underneath and cooling directly on top, to become one element pushing through the cover. 

Clamped Down 

Fingers extending from the attachment points add strength and suggest its need to control the power within. 

Underlying Definition 

With harder forms and more definition, we create a more purposeful approach to communicating, strength, robustness, and toughness. 

Concept: Version 3

ARK_Bosch-ED_500W-Concepts_121223 (dragg


Surface Area A* | 82696mm2 + Surface Area B* | 79197mm2 

Sandblasted-like surface finish.  

Bosch aluminum silver color. 

Black Plastic Seal 

Grey fasteners. 


Attached on top of the cover held down by hook and fastener.  


A separate branding element that can be customized. 


Due to space restriction only the logo is used. Embossed onto the surface. 

ARK_Bosch-ED_500W-Concepts_121223 (dragg

Concept 3

Maximize Cooling

Pushing the fins out for maximum surface area to speed ratio and curving the ends to direct air towards the center. 

All Power 

Pushing the cover to the edge creates a larger more powerful impression of the 500w motor 

Gentle Toughness

Smooth transitions connecting the cooling to the base, create a perception of unbroken strength and toughness. 

ARK_Bosch-ED_500W-Concepts_121223 (dragg


Due to space restriction, only the logo is used.

Sandblasted-like surface finish.  

Bosch aluminum silver color. 

Grey fasteners. 

Brand and Logo are separate 3D elements. 


Surface Area A* | 85913mm2 + Surface Area B* | 76834mm2 

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