Go Pill:

Customized medical system design

Go Pill is a smartphone application that allows users to store their medical information safely with the central insurance company. Also, acting as the bridge between doctors and patients, Go Pill sends the prescriptions directly from doctor to pharmacy with no other intervention. Patients can even order medications on this App from their favorite pharmacy, and then they will get the medicine sent directly from the pharmacy.  My partner and I collaborated on the UX Research and UX Design, while I was responsible for the UI design of the product.

Problem Finding


We discuss the pain point of prescriptions in the transition between the hospital and pharmacy , or even the doctor.  When a patient is asked to take a specific medication, he/ she has to show the prescription to the pharmacy every time he/ she wants to refill their medication.  Patients need more convenient methods to get their pills.



With the booming economy, people are spending more and more money on personal health care. They also are spending more time in the hospital and on the way to the hospital. A new medical system is needed to feed this enormous market.


Go Pill uses a UAV delivery system. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) have already been applied in the postal, food delivery, and ambulance fields. UAVs are the most effective way to reduce the traffic on the ground, also minimizing the cost of human labor.



We worked on the service concept and made sure it aligns with the user's values and makes the online pharmacy system more efficient and effective. 

Reminder + Online-Pharmacy


During the ideation phases, we identified the problems and defined the users to modern people who have less and less time for health care. Also, we aimed to create a simple user-centered design application that can minimize the user workload from storing the personal medical data and medication delivery method, by merging the core functions of the medical reminder and online pharmacy. After brainstorming, we decided to add the core functions of medication manager, drone delivery, and online pharmacy.

Information Architecture

Paper Prototype Usability Test


We iterated our wireframe design bu conducting informal usability testing with the low-fidelity prototype. Our participants provided feedbacks on error prevention methods, accessibility, and discoverability of the user interface.

Initial UI Design & Wireframe

Logo Design

As we are trying to build up our brand, we put most of the effort on the logo design. We pick up the cyan color which makes people feel comfortable and fresh with this medical App. Also, as a connection between patient and doctor(pharmacy), GO PILL is like a pill that can cure the problem of these interactions.

Design outcome

Micro interaction

As I was designing the UI wireframe and components, I realized that the essential feature of the app is the transitional interaction between the three core functions: Perscription management, drone delivery, and online pharmacy. Using origami, I tested out different types of transition.