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Retrieve our early memory



Andy Ma / Industrial Designer

Siyu Zhang/ UX Designer

Yan Yan/ Product Designer

  My Role

  • Lead the design project from user research, concept iteration to prototyping making/ testing.

  • Assisting UX designer and product designer on the workflow and visualization of NEMOO app.

Design Duration

5 Months



NEMOO is a physical memory capture system designed for fighting against infantile amnesia. It assists with tracking a baby's memory from its perspective for the first three years of its life. It also allows retrieving the important moments in the baby's growth by playback with VR glasses.

What is Infantile Amnesia?


Childhood Amnesia, also called infantile amnesia, is the inability of adults to retrieve episodic memories, which are memories of specific events ( times, places, and context like who, what, when, and where ) before the age of 3 years old.

Why Infantile Amnesia matter?

To know ourselves better!

Just as it is harmful to people to believe that something horrible happened to them when nothing did, it is equally harmful to people to believe that nothing happened when something bad did occur. The best way to cure it is to convince someone of a  certain set of beliefs but to let reality unfold for each person according to the individual's own experience, interpretation, and understanding. Helpful psychotherapy provides a neutral and supportive environment for understanding oneself and one's past.

To retrieve the lost childhood!

As we lose those memories of those early years, years that we previously could recall, we're part of our childhood -- in essence, we're losing all or almost all of those events that occurred to us then. So our 'psychological childhood' begins much later than our real childhood. And most or all of those events that previously were talked about, that caused laughter or tears, are no longer accessible if they occurred in our preschool years.

Early memories impacting now!

The storage and retrieval of memory can influence what can be recalled. Specifically, whether an individual is prompted to remember a specific event given more general guidelines or asked to recall any possible memory, the cue method generates different results. For example, building a tower of blocks as a child may be perceived as big as a small house. Looking at blocks as an adult, we know they are just small toys. By not being able to look at something in the same way as a child, memory retrieval can be difficult due to our perspectives.



The NEMOO system consists of 3 Parts:

- Part One:  Baby wearable memory recording device

- Part Two: A virtual reality app as the device's interface

- Part Three:  A package for storing the device when it isn't been used



Nemoo can be clipped on any baby's clothes. It uses a snap button and the clipping force to stay on the clothes. Because any baby device should be large enough — at least 1¼" (3 centimeters) in diameter and 2¼" (6 centimeters) in length — so that they can't be swallowed or lodged in the windpipe. We decided to make it 2.55"W/ 1.80"H/ 1.50"D.

Mockup and Prototypes Making


Nemoo App


The Nemoo app is a mobile application that remotely manages Nemoo through a Bluetooth connection. With the Nemoo app, the child’s footage is transferred to parents’ phone and automatically transforms into a memorable VR story. It also allows the management of more than two Nemoo devices at the same time (If there are more than two kids in one family).


Nemoo is identified as a child assistance device. It helps parents to know their kids better and also helps kids to understand their parents better. It is a reliable memory storage device that contains your happiest childhood memories and the pain of your growth.

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