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Stone Handwarmer
Warming hands with Zen stone

Project Background


Design Language

In Zen culture, the stone is one of the most important objects and has several meanings, such as harmony and soul. Also, it is natural and reflects the balance between man-made structure and natural systems. People believe that zen stone can help them achieve intrinsic peace and quiet.



Slip Casting


The stone handwarmer is made by Slip casting which relies on the use of plaster molds, producing complex uniform shapes. Slip casting is often used in the mass production of pottery and involves the pouring of a liquid clay body slip (usually mixed in a blender) into plaster molds. The water in the slip is drawn out of the slip by the plaster, leaving an inside layer of solid clay. When this is thick enough, the excess slip can be poured from the mold and left to dry, when dry the solid clay can then also be de-molded.


Final Product

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